Bilderberg protest actions in Tyrol 2015

In autumn 2014 a group of activists was forming a platform to protest against the Bilderbergmeeting here in Tyrol in June 2015.

We are a bunch of people who are very worried about that lack of transparency at the Bilderbergmeetings and we don´t agree with the fact, that all this security expenses around this meeting should be paid by us citizens and taxpayers.

We think that those Bilderbergmeetings are lobbying at  the highest stage - we don´t want our politicians take part at this meetings as long as they are kept so secret and non-transparent.

We are dissociating from weird conspiracy theories and especially from every kind of antisemitism.

For us the Bilderberg-Elite is an expression of an hypercapitalistic Zeitgeist - it´s the rich 1% that is making all the rules for the other 99%.

For the 12th of June we are planning a counter-summit with speeches and workshops and for the 13th of June we are preparing a demonstration/ protest march near the Interalpen hotel. We´ll pronounce all the necessary details in April when everything is fixed.

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